Getting serious on Nudes

This morning I was approached by a Fashion promotion student who is working on her final campaign in her final year of university, via LinkedIn. She asked me a question that I really, in reflection went to town on answering, but after reading my passionately and impulsively written response I know I’m right and would answer the same way all over again.

So the question posed to me was this –

My final campaign is based on a campaign ‘Nude for all’ lingerie collection that provides nude bras in 8 different shades for various skin types and colours. I was wondering if you could give me an insight on the industry and whether you think there is a need for it in the UK at all?

I immediately started writing, you know how you just start fast-pace writing when your mad, but I wasn’t mad I was relieved that this question was being asked about the U.K. market. My first thought, however, was she should really be asking someone who has faced the struggle of finding a colour match because I can safely say that my colour option has almost always been available in stores. However the question was being asked and I have asked her to approach women of different shades of skin tone within blogging on LinkedIn to get a complete perspective. As if I wasn’t so passionate on the subject I would of been of no use at all.

Here is my stand point on the subject of equality in fashion.

The need for variety in “Nude” shades has always been necessary, it is simply the expansion of certain company’s awareness to social needs that has been recent.

For too long the idea that nude is only a beige shade of white skin has been accepted and ignored as an issue but in the recent year, even months, we have seen the issue, which has always been an issue for the majority of people, come to light.

Ignorance allowed make up company’s to provide only two options for black and brown skin with a plethora of options for white and light tones. This specific issue was highlighted to the masses by the creation of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty collection. Since this we have seen a few mainstream companies wake up to or even attempt to take advantage of a long standing issue. An example of this is Asos. In a recent marketing campaign advertising Dorina lingerie they referred to the options available as “New Nudes” taking advantage of a social awareness as though these shades of nude hadn’t always been a thing, as though people hadn’t been these shades of nude since birth. And to add insult to injury, they only offer 3 of Dorina’s shade options.


If people cannot walk into a shop and see themselves reflected in the underwear, clothes and makeup they buy then the company is marginalising a whole sector of people through ignorance, a lack of understanding and a lack of care to see a bigger issue than just churning out clothes and products to the masses. The truth is that most head offices in London do have diversity but through my experience the majority of the head product development roles, the ones who make the larger decisions regarding collections, are predominantly white. And someone who has never been marginalised or gone out of their way to see the marginalisation of others cannot begin to understand struggles that they do not see and will therefore never consider the implementation of equality based products.

So my answer is YES, the UK public need these options of Nude and an amazing advertising campaign that reaches across platforms to allow everyone to be aware of its availability in our currently one sided or even “white-sided” market. Maybe large scale advertising campaigns of inclusiveness and equality within fashion will spur on other companies to follow suit and therefore enforce a climate of change to a market place seemingly oblivious to the struggles of their ‘could-be’ customers.

This is what I had to say… I would love to hear your views on this as every insight counts in a matter as great as social equality and the marginalisation of people in fashion.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my view points on this matter and has given you food for thought. Have an open minded day, and if this is an issue you have never given time before because you think it doesn’t affect you, I ask you to spend a few minutes contemplating this issue and also as a large scale reflection of our industry and its shortfalls to us as an entire society, it involves each of us and will take us all to implement any change.

Thanks for reading,

Laura Jayne Zammit xoxo


Summer Look to LOVE

This summer I have put together some amazing little casual everyday outfits that I have been sharing through Instagram.  I just wanted to do a bit of a breakdown of each of my recent outfits and show you how to achieve the looks!

Firstly is this super comfy Minimal Khaki Jumpsuit and “make-a-statement” earrings!


I’m sure there are other people like me who are constantly seeking a new look and desperately avoiding being caught wearing the same thing as anyone else.  I feel the best way to shake looking similar to others is to own your unique style sense.  I am someone who keeps hold of key pieces of clothes, accessories and shoes and brings them back from time to time, like these bright orange and green Aldo earrings for example.  Having key items like these makes it easy for me to style up simple outfits and make them into more of a statement, while also knowing that they are too old for many other people to still have.

This minimal, lose fitting, khaki jumpsuit is a perfect example of an outfit that, on it’s own, does not say much but styled up with just enough statement making accessories and hair styling, creates a sought after outfit. I paired this with some black-on-black Calvin Klein sliders to top of the look.

ASOS Khaki Minimal Jumpsuit – £18 Link to Jumpsuit

ALDO Statement Earrings – Link to ALDO website

Calvin Klein Sliders – £35 Link to Calvin Klein Sliders

The bangles I am wearing in the image are no longer available but Oliver Bonas stock some amazing options on their website.  Check out the below link to be taken to the website!

Link to Oliver Bonas Jewellery

Keep an eye on my blog for more posts on where to buy my fave summer outfits!

Love && Hugs


Paris Fashion Week. MENSWEAR.


Yep menswear is looking increds for 2018! Paris Fashion Week: Men is on right now and so far we have seen some of the hottest collections to be launched in 2018.

Hold on.. I’m going to run through my faves right now!

Starting with Louis Vuitton.

Now Louis V always has strong fashion week game but this Spring 2018 Menswear collection of surfer chic luxe speaks to me on all levels. Is it because they look like a bunch of models who have just strolled out of the ocean fully dressed in Louis… perhaps, not the point though. The collection is great. Check out my highlights below.



Another incredible collection shown is from Off-White.  

Off-White’s collection is hot and heavy and the opening of “Another First Show” on Wednesday had special guests flocking to see the Spring 2018 collection, including professional basketball players Serge Ibaka, Shabazz Muhammad and Dwyane Wade, alongside the amazing actress who is Gabrielle Union! Also attended by rappers Joey Bada$$, Reese Laflare and Lil Peep, and creatives like Tremaine Emory.

The show was heavily fuelled by recent politics and was expressed thoroughly by designer Virgil Abloh and collaborative artist Jenny Holzer, with the aim of addressing global political upheaval and weighty issues like the refugee crisis in Europe.  The show has been described as “taking the temperature of our time” in what Virgil Abloh has referred to as “the most important collection I’ve ever done”.

So with no further ado, here is the full catwalk in all its glory.



Back soon with more from the upcoming Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week!

Love && Hugs


Heatwave..What to wear.?!


With the heatwave that has been happening in the UK everyone is raiding wardrobes and stores for things to wear to not feel too hot/sticky and generally bothered. During one of my shopping raids I came across this really cute play suit which you can wear with sandals/flip flops/sliders and also with heels depending on the occasion.

Zara do summer clothing so well so it’s no surprise that this amazing little embroidered play suit is one of their little miracles!

You can accessorise this playsuit so well with some of the amazing jewellery currently in stock in Oliver Bonas.





Zara toucan embriodered playsuit –

Embellished Sandals –,60/2417894174

Love && Hugs





A few Essentials 💕

I have been a bit shopping mad at the moment and in the midst of my recent shopping spree(s), definitely plural, I have put together a really colourful Spanish inspired outfit that has the ability to rejuvenate your wardrobe with its bold colour and sassy style.

So with no further ado… here is the outfit in question and a list of where you can buy each of the items!

I so love this outfit and it’s also a great option for curvy or slim girls 🌹❤️ 

See purchasing details below! 🛍

Zara Turban Style Headband (I have doubled this over and used it as a hair band) –

ASOS Pom-Pom earrings –

ASOS Red Pom-Pom Body –

Topshop Jeans – 

Puma Suede Creepers – unfortunately not available in this colour anymore but there are so many new colour ways which are just as cute –

Have fun shopping! (I know I did)

xoxox Love & Hugs xoxox

Where to buy my newest FAVE outfit!

Hi lovely people!

I was recently shopping online when I came across some fashion pieces that I honestly felt I needed.  Seriously I NEEDED them. Fast forward to when they arrived and pairing them with a super cute 90s hairstyle, retro round glasses and some of my go-to accessories and you have the following outfit!

IMG_3830IMG_3840FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender

So with no further ado… here is a list of links/brands/stores that you can find all the elements of my super cute, 80’s style, tomboy chic outfit.

ASOS Super Oversized boyfriend T-shirt –

ASOS Slim Mom Jeans with extreme rips –

ASOS Oversized fishnet tights – 

ASOS Tropical Print Headband –

Topshop Retro Dome Glasses –

Oliver Bonas mixed medium Necklace (This is unlikely to still be stocked but they have a great range of necklaces that would go with the outfit just as well)

Topshop Shard Bracelet and delicate open bangle (These are also unlikely to still be stocked but they have a great range of Jewellery that would go with the outfit just as well)

Adidas NMD Triple White – (These will be hard to source as they are now dead stock but you may find them online on independent seller websites, e.g. Ebay)

I hope you have liked this short and sweet link-to-outfit format! I am considering doing a few more like this in future!

Love & Hugs

xoxox Laura xoxox



Shouting Out in COLOUR !

Hey FABULOUS people!

I did not realise how shouty I have been with my colourful clothes as of late but it is only until you start taking photos daily that you begin to realise the patterns of your own style.

Here is one of my fave outfits at the moment. Nice and bright just in time for

S P R I N G !


I have had this Zara dress for a L O N G time but have dusted it off and brought it back to life.  I love a bit of cupboard renewal, you know what I mean, that point you get to when you leave clothes in your wardrobe so long that you forget they even exist.. until you physically cannot fit anything in your wardrobe and are forced to clear it out. Well thats where I got to last week when I found my pretty pink dress!

Pair a 60’s style pink dress with a yellow coat and you have one very bright human indeed. In the spirit of things I felt that there was only one place that I could photograph this outfit and that was Portobello Road, colour complements colour, don’t you think?!

I must really love Zara as that is where my Coat, Dress and Bag are all from.  The Necklace however is from Topshop and the shoes from Office. I would link the items but seeing this is a reworked outfit from my old clothes stash it would be a little out of date! However if you look out for my next blog posts I will be sharing links to my outfits which have been bought recently!

Until next time my loves!

Hugs & Kisses

oxox L A U R A xoxo

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day you lovely ladies!

I am so excited about today! So Much is happening!

We may no longer burn our bras, but we still have much to protest.

Equality can not be argued, or opinions shared upon it, it just is.

So today I would like to remind little ol me and the rest of the fabulous kitty wielding, titty bearing, strong minded and soft souled women on this earth that we are E Q U A L to men. I say equal because feminism isn’t about the empowerment of women over men it is the endeavour for equality throughout humanity.   The human race would not exist if it was not born from a woman’s womb and fed from her body for 9 months, but equally none of us would be here without a Father.

H E R E ‘ S   T O   S T R O N G   W O M E N

M A Y   W E   K N O W   T H EM

M A Y   W E   B E   T H EM

M A Y   W E   R A I S E   T H EM

The only reason anyone could have to not support equality on earth, regardless of Age, Race or Gender, is if they are not from Earth or indeed born from one of our beautiful women.

H A V E   A   G R E A T   D A Y   L A D I E S ,   G O D   K N O W S   Y O U   D E S E R V E   I T !

H U G S  &  K I S S E S

oxox  L A U R A  xoxo

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 13.18.14

A Picture A Day Challenge

Hi-di-hi guys!

I hope you have all had as great a weekend as I have had?!

My weekends are seeming to be more busy than ever at the moment but I am loving it. For just over a month now I have accepted a challenge, set to me by my partner in crime/boyfriend/best friend/pain in my chubby butt, and I have grasped it with both hands and ran with it.

He challenged me to post a picture a day on Instagram for as long as possible, and so far (35 pictures/35 days later) I am going strong! At day 0 I was starting with no followers or pictures, a complete blank Instagram canvas in all it’s glory, now 35 days later I have just reached 3012 followers.  When starting this I couldn’t of imagined getting such a great response but it has been a truly inspiring journey so far and I am bursting with new ideas for what can possibly come next!

Of course the person who I have been dragging from here, there, and bloody everywhere, to photograph me in a million places is the one who’s idea this was in the first place.  Did he shoot himself in the foot..? Maybe. But he loves me.. I think. Perhaps.

So please go ahead and click on the link I’ve added in below to check out my Instagram page and let me know what you think.

L O V E  &  H U G S

x X x X x X x X x X x