Shouting Out in COLOUR !

Hey FABULOUS people!

I did not realise how shouty I have been with my colourful clothes as of late but it is only until you start taking photos daily that you begin to realise the patterns of your own style.

Here is one of my fave outfits at the moment. Nice and bright just in time for

S P R I N G !


I have had this Zara dress for a L O N G time but have dusted it off and brought it back to life.  I love a bit of cupboard renewal, you know what I mean, that point you get to when you leave clothes in your wardrobe so long that you forget they even exist.. until you physically cannot fit anything in your wardrobe and are forced to clear it out. Well thats where I got to last week when I found my pretty pink dress!

Pair a 60’s style pink dress with a yellow coat and you have one very bright human indeed. In the spirit of things I felt that there was only one place that I could photograph this outfit and that was Portobello Road, colour complements colour, don’t you think?!

I must really love Zara as that is where my Coat, Dress and Bag are all from.  The Necklace however is from Topshop and the shoes from Office. I would link the items but seeing this is a reworked outfit from my old clothes stash it would be a little out of date! However if you look out for my next blog posts I will be sharing links to my outfits which have been bought recently!

Until next time my loves!

Hugs & Kisses

oxox L A U R A xoxo