International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day you lovely ladies!

I am so excited about today! So Much is happening!

We may no longer burn our bras, but we still have much to protest.

Equality can not be argued, or opinions shared upon it, it just is.

So today I would like to remind little ol me and the rest of the fabulous kitty wielding, titty bearing, strong minded and soft souled women on this earth that we are E Q U A L to men. I say equal because feminism isn’t about the empowerment of women over men it is the endeavour for equality throughout humanity.   The human race would not exist if it was not born from a woman’s womb and fed from her body for 9 months, but equally none of us would be here without a Father.

H E R E ‘ S   T O   S T R O N G   W O M E N

M A Y   W E   K N O W   T H EM

M A Y   W E   B E   T H EM

M A Y   W E   R A I S E   T H EM

The only reason anyone could have to not support equality on earth, regardless of Age, Race or Gender, is if they are not from Earth or indeed born from one of our beautiful women.

H A V E   A   G R E A T   D A Y   L A D I E S ,   G O D   K N O W S   Y O U   D E S E R V E   I T !

H U G S  &  K I S S E S

oxox  L A U R A  xoxo

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